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Jewelry Picks of the month: Earth Colors

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Choosing the right jewelry has the power to transform our outfit and it helps us get the look we want. Since ancient times, humans have been decorating their bodies for different purposes: to make a statement, show their social status, and emphasize their beauty. To read more about the development of jewelry through time, check this article

Here are several rules we recommend following when picking jewellery:

1. Invest in quality jewellery

Nowadays, you can buy silver jewellery for a really affordable price, which is always a better idea than constantly buying new cheap, rings which turn green in only a few days! The same thing goes for necklaces! :) If you want to find out how to properly take care of your jewels and prolong their life, I would recommend checking this link!

As I love wearing multiple rings, I bought these four beauties on a Dutch handmade market, and I wear them all the time!

2. Buy Sustainable Jewels!

Today, we buy rings and necklaces for prices as low as several euros, however, we rarely question their origin, the material it is made from, and the way it was manufactured. Every week, fashion chains as Inditex release new collections of cheap, but attractive jewelry, tempting us to further grow our accessorize compilation. The poorly made, and short-lasting jewelry is a low investment, and we tend to replace it regularly.

As with clothes, we put jewelry directly on our bodies, without considering the toxins and harm it could cause to our skin and body. Unfortunately, the manufacture of jewelry causes harm to our environment and it is badly regulated in developing countries, where manufacturers often work in non-ethical conditions. Although there is a long list of jewelry brands which use high levels of lead, a toxic harmful element in their jewels, this topic is still not getting enough attention. 

To become more conscious and buy sustainable jewels, it is first necessary to know in what way its production is harming the environment. Jewels are extracted through mining, which is a process of obtaining coal or minerals from a mine. As a lot of harmful chemicals are released in the process, this often results in soil contamination, water pollution, the loss of biodiversity, as well as increased carbon emission. Arsenic and other chemicals are used in mining, and these are extremely toxic, poisonous, and create a lot of waste. Much of the mining happens in developing countries, where there is a lack of oversight and the workers are not properly protected.

3. Mix and Match with Care

As with clothes, there are still some rules with mixing and matching jewels, and although you don't necessarily need to follow them strictly, it will help emphasise their beauty.


Alternatively, loud and ornate jewelry can muddy a busy print, no matter how great it is. Busy prints and wild jewelry can get gaudy fast.   Consider solid bracelets, watches, and earrings instead of showy accessories. Even the material of the outfit should be taken into consideration. If the wardrobe has heavily stitched or ruffled fabric, ornate jewelry can come off just as tacky as it is on a busy print. 

Jewelry shouldn't just go with your outfit. Women who win at accessorizing these days know how to highlight their skin tones with their jewelry.  Silver is a standard metal that illuminates most natural tones. Gold goes especially well with darker hair and matte skin. 

Cooler skin tones go well with gems that are red, purple and blue. Also, white gold is an excellent choice of metal for cooler skin tones.

Warmer skin tones pair nicely with yellow, orange and green gemstones in addition to yellow metals.

Rubies, canary diamonds, and amber gems make a statement by themselves. These colors are fiery and ambitious and look great over black and white. But did you think you could pair them with their opposite colors?  Warm gemstones pair nicely with plain blue or purple material. For instance, a set of rubies on top of a royal blue top completes the look with a bold statement.

Tip for the spring: The bright airiness and freshness of spring and summer clothes look great with cool, natural colors. Try gemstones like blue topaz or green peridot against soft and neutral fabrics or patterns.  Turn your outfit into something inspired straight from nature by mixing naturally-paired colors together. Read more about it here!


Stone Necklace in Earth Colors

It compliments my outfit in such a beautiful way, and combining it with simple earrings is enough!

Green Necklace with Golden pearls